The Potential A Comprehensive Guide Discord Partner Program

29 August 2023
10 mins read
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Discord partner program

In the vast realm of online communication and gaming communities, Discord stands tall as one of the most popular platforms for connecting people with similar interests. With its versatile features and user-friendly interface, Discord has become a go-to hub for various communities, from gaming clans to hobbyist groups. Amid this bustling digital landscape, there's a unique opportunity known as the "Discord Partner Program." This article will dive deep into the world of Discord Partner Program, exploring its significance, eligibility criteria, benefits, application process, partner responsibilities, and even some inspiring success stories.

Eligibility Criteria

Before delving into the juicy benefits of being a Discord Partner, let's first understand what it takes to become one. Discord has a set of eligibility criteria that serve as a filter to ensure that their partners are truly dedicated to maintaining active and thriving communities.

1. Minimum Server Requirements

To be considered for the Discord Partner Program, your server must meet certain criteria. These criteria typically include a minimum number of active members and a well-structured server with organized channels and content. The exact requirements may vary, so it's essential to check the latest guidelines on Discord's official website.

2. Content Guidelines

Discord is committed to fostering a safe and inclusive environment for all users. Therefore, your server's content should adhere to Discord's guidelines, which prohibit hate speech, harassment, and other harmful activities. Ensuring that your server is a welcoming space for everyone is crucial.

3. Active Community Engagement

Having a large server isn't enough; Discord looks for partners who actively engage with their communities. This means hosting events, facilitating discussions, and maintaining a positive and interactive environment.

Benefits of Discord Partner Program

Now that you know what it takes to become a Discord Partner, let's explore the exciting benefits that come with this partnership:

1. Enhanced Server Features

Discord Partners enjoy exclusive access to advanced server features that can take their communities to the next level. These features may include increased server capacity, custom server banners, and priority support from Discord's customer service team. These perks not only improve the overall user experience but also add a touch of professionalism to your server.

2. Marketing and Promotion

Being a Discord Partner means that you have the backing of one of the most influential communication platforms on the internet. Discord actively promotes its partners through various channels, such as social media shoutouts, blog posts, and featured spots in the Discord app. This level of exposure can significantly boost your server's visibility and attract new members.

3. Support and Resources

Discord Partners receive valuable support from the Discord team. This includes access to partner-only resources, early access to new features, and the opportunity to participate in partner-specific programs and events. Discord is invested in the success of its partners and provides the necessary tools to help them thrive.

How to Apply

Now that the benefits are clear, you might be wondering how to join the ranks of Discord Partners. Here's a step-by-step guide to the application process:

1. Application Process

- Start by logging into your Discord account and visiting the Discord Partner Program page on the official Discord website.
- Carefully read through the eligibility criteria to ensure that your server meets the requirements.
- Prepare a compelling application that highlights your community's uniqueness and the value it brings to Discord. This is your opportunity to shine, so be thorough and creative in your responses.
   - Submit your application through the designated portal.

2. Review and Approval

- Discord reviews each application thoroughly, considering factors like the server's activity, content quality, and community engagement.
- The review process may take some time, so be patient. Discord wants to ensure that they select partners who align with their values and goals.
- If your application is approved, you'll receive notification from Discord, officially welcoming you into the partner program.

Responsibilities of Discord Partners

Becoming a Discord Partner comes with responsibilities. While the benefits are enticing, it's essential to understand the expectations that Discord has for its partners:

1. Server Maintenance

- Partners are expected to maintain their servers actively. This includes moderating content, enforcing community guidelines, and addressing user concerns promptly.
- Keeping the server organized and engaging is vital. Regularly updating channels, hosting events, and encouraging discussions are all part of the role.

2. Community Management

- Partners should foster a positive and inclusive community atmosphere. This means addressing conflicts, preventing harassment, and ensuring that all members feel welcome.
- Active community engagement is key. Partners should participate in discussions, answer questions, and interact with their members regularly.

3. Collaboration with Discord

- Discord values feedback from its partners. Partners are encouraged to provide input on features and improvements that can enhance the Discord experience.
- Partners may also have the opportunity to collaborate with Discord on special projects or events.

Success Stories

To inspire aspiring Discord Partners, let's explore a couple of success stories from individuals and communities that have thrived within the Discord Partner Program:

1. The Gaming Guild

The Gaming Guild, a community dedicated to all things gaming, joined the Discord Partner Program two years ago. Since then, they've seen remarkable growth. With enhanced server features, they've been able to host larger gaming tournaments, attracting top-notch players and sponsors. The exposure from Discord's marketing efforts has doubled their member count, and they now have a team of dedicated moderators to maintain a welcoming and safe space for gamers of all backgrounds.

2. The Creative Collective

The Creative Collective is a server focused on art, music, and writing. As a Discord Partner, they've not only expanded their server's capacity but also received valuable support from Discord's resources. This enabled them to launch a monthly art contest with prizes, collaborate with well-known artists, and even publish an anthology of member-contributed stories. Their journey as a partner has not only elevated their server but also empowered the creative minds within their community.


The Discord Partner Program is a gateway to unlocking the full potential of your community. With a wide range of benefits, from enhanced server features to marketing support and valuable resources, becoming a Discord Partner can take your server or community to new heights. However, it's crucial to remember that being a partner also comes with responsibilities, including active community engagement and content moderation. By embracing these responsibilities and nurturing your community, you can join the ranks of successful Discord Partners who have thrived in this dynamic program. So, if you're ready to embark on this exciting journey, go ahead and apply to be a part of the Discord Partner Program and unlock a world of opportunities for your community.

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