Mastering TikTok Trends for Better Brand Exposure

15 September 2023
16 mins read
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If you're not already on TikTok, you're missing out. The popular social media platform has taken the world by storm, providing a stage for quick, creative content that can get a brand noticed in record time. But once you're on there, how do you make the most of the trend train? Let's talk about mastering TikTok trends for better brand exposure. 

First things first, TikTok is an algorithm-driven platform, meaning the more engaging and on-trend your content, the higher you'll rank. So, what does it take to stay at the top of the trend pool? Read on to discover ways to ride the wave effectively and launch your brand into the TikTok stratosphere! 

"To succeed on TikTok, you must have a pulse on the trends. That’s what ‘Being TikTok’ is truly about." - Connell Barrett, social media expert

Just like fashion, music, or any other realm in pop culture, the trends on TikTok change fast. But don't worry! We've got you covered. In this piece, we're going to explore: 

  1. How to spot emerging TikTok trends.
  2. Ways to quickly adapt your brand's content for these trends.
  3. Tips for staying relevant even when the trend wave passes.

Get ready to take notes, replay those trending TikToks, and immerse your brand in engaging, creative content that resonates with the TikTok community. It's time to tackle TikTok!

Popular TikTok trends right now

There's always something brewing in the TikTok universe, where trends come alive and shape the digital landscape. Currently, these popular trends are capturing attention and blowing up feeds: 

  • #DanceTrends: No discussion about TikTok can ever start without mentioning the viral dance challenges. From the "Renegade" to the "Savage Love" dance, these trends often infused with popular music tracks, offer entertaining and engaging content that users worldwide replicate.
  • #BeautyHacks: The TikTok beauty community is a goldmine of creativity. Users are sharing tutorial-style videos of latest makeup techniques and skincare hacks. The "Lip Contouring" trend is one such example that has kicked up a storm recently.
  • #FashionReels: These short, chic, and polished clips of fashion enthusiasts showcasing their outfits, creating stylish look books, or sharing fashion DIYs have gained considerable traction. An example is the "Dress Up Challenge" where users transform their everyday outfits into high-fashion looks with a simple edit.
  • #FYPChallenges: The For You Page (#FYP) is a common hashtag used in a variety of challenges. The "Spooky Scary Skeletons Challenge" has users performing funny and often quirky acts, all under the umbrella hashtag of #FYP.
  • #FoodTikTok: Food enthusiasts are incorporating clever editing and music to create short cooking demonstrations or reviews. Some have even taken “Baked Feta Pasta” or the "Dalgona Coffee Challenge" from their TikTok trend fame to their dinner tables.

These trends cater to a wide array of interests and hobbies, offering something for pretty much anyone on TikTok. From dance and fashion to food and beauty, there's a reason this platforem is celebrated for its inclusivity and diversity. What all these trends have in common is they are constantly skewing the line between creation and consumption, offering users endless ways to interact, learn, and be entertained.

Stay up-to-date with the latest TikTok trends

Staying up-to-date with the latest trends on TikTok is as dynamic as the platform itself. With millions of creators producing content around the clock, it can indeed be a challenge. But don't worry, we've got your back with some handy tips: 

  • Follow Popular Creators: One of the simplest ways to keep your finger on the pulse of TikTok trends is to follow popular creators. These trendsetters often lead the charge in creating and spreading new trends across the platform.
  • Explore the 'For You' Page: The For You page is TikTok's personalized recommendation feed. It’s an excellent source for finding emerging trends—keep an eye out for repeated songs, dances, challenges, or video styles.
  • Discover Tab: Unearth new and trending hashtags through TikTok's Discover Tab. You can spot trends and challenges that are currently popular among users.
  • Stay Tuned With TikTok News: Follow trusted news sources or influencers' accounts that update regularly about TikTok trends. Or better yet, subscribe to newsletters to get the latest TikTok trends right in your inbox.
  • Engage With Your Audience: Crossing the line from viewer to participant can yield rich rewards. When you engage with your audience and join in on trending challenges, you can discover many more trends quickly.

Keep in mind, staying updated isn't just about consuming content. It’s about engaging with it, experimenting, and participating in the TikTok community. It’s the surest way to get your brand noticed on this platform.

Tips for creating engaging TikTok content

Creating engaging TikTok content isn't as complicated as you might think, especially if you follow some proven strategies. Here's where we roll the curtain back and share some secret sauce recipes for dazzling TikTok content for you. 

1. Leverage Trending Sounds and Music 

On TikTok, staying trendy is the name of the game. Always keep an eye out for the latest viral sounds and music. Consider how you can incorporate them into your videos to catch those waves of engagement. Remember, timing is keyin leveraging these trends. 

2. Create Challenges 

Everybody loves a good challenge, and TikTok is no exception. Design your own fun and engaging challenge, use a trending hashtag, then sit back and watch the TikTok community join in, driving up your brand's visibility. 

3. Utilize duets and reactions 

Duets and reactions are an amazing way to interact with other users and share a bit of personality with your audience. They're also brilliant for taking advantage of trending content. If you see a popular post that relates to your brand, don't be afraid to duet it or post a reaction. 

4. Partner with Influencers 

TikTok influencers have built up a loyal follower base that listens to their recommendations. By collaborating with influencers relevant to your niche, you can reach new audiences and increase your brand exposure dramatically. 

5. Interaction is Key 

Treat your TikTok account like a community. That means responding to comments, liking other users' content, and staying engaged. The more active you are on the platform, the more visibility your content will get. 

6. Keep it Short and Sweet 

Attention spans are short on TikTok, make sure your message is clear and concise. While the maximum video length is 60 seconds, the most viral posts tend to be around 15 seconds. Short, impactful videos are the bread and butter of TikTok

7. Testing and Learning

In the world of social media, success hinges on trial and error. You'll need to test out various strategies, analyze performance, and learn from the results to improve your TikTok content. That's the essence of testing and learning. 

Start by posting a diversity of content targeting various trending themes, challenges, and sounds. Monitor the engagement on each video: likes, comments, shares, and new followers. This will give you insight into your audience's preferences. 

Additionally, experimenting with different posting schedules could also yield valuable results. Some times may result in higher engagement rates than others. For instance, posting when your followers are most active – such as evenings or weekends – can increase your video's visibility and engagement. 

Don't forget about A/B testing. A simple change, say, in the video thumbnail or caption, might surge interest and lure in more viewers. Create two similar pieces of content with one differentiating element, then see which one performs better. 

Learning from your successful and less-successful content is the final yet crucial step. Understanding the factors that led to a video's success or failure will guide your future content strategy. Remember, the idea is not to replicate success verbatim but to comprehend the underlying dynamics to fine-tune your future approach. 

Remember, every TikTok account has a unique audience with different preferences and behaviors. What works well for one account might not work for another. So, always make the most of testing and learning to discover the strategy that suits your brand the best.

Successful brand campaigns on TikTok

Indeed, we can! Various brands across different industries have successfully tapped into the power of TikTok to enhance their visibility and market their products. This section will highlight some notable examples.

1. Chipotle's #GuacDance Challenge 

Chipotle is one brand that made a big wave on TikTok with its #GuacDance Challenge. The campaign was designed to celebrate National Avocado Day, where TikTokers were encouraged to do the "Guac Dance". It became the highest-performing branded challenge on TikTok at that time, with over 250,000 submissions and a whopping 430 million video starts in just six days. 

2. Guess’s #InMyDenim Challenge 

Guess was the first fashion brand to launch notably on TikTok. Their campaign, #InMyDenim, encouraged users to wear Guess's denim and film before-and-after transformation videos. This challenge quickly took off, influencing other fashion brands to embrace TikTok for their campaigns. 

3. NBA's Constant Interaction 

The NBA's TikTok strategy revolves around behind-the-scenes footage and fun player interactions, proving that you don't always need a challenge but rather meaningful content to engage followers. They currently have more than 11 million followers and regularly post videos that grab millions of views each. 

4. ELF Cosmetics' #EyesLipsFace Campaign 

ELF Cosmetics made an extraordinary campaign titled #EyesLipsFace, which was not just one viral TikTok video – they actually created an original song for it. Users were encouraged to showcase their best makeup looks using their products while the catchy song played in the background. The campaign was a hit with over 3 billion views. 

Learning from these success stories, it's evident that brands can leverage TikTok for marketing if they craft an engaging and authentic campaign in line with their products. You just need to be creative, tap into what's trending, and perhaps, fun challenges are a big plus!

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