Resolving Instagram Accounts That Have Been Banned

19 October 2023
22 mins read
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We've all been there, haven't we? Scrolling through our Instagram feed, having a blast connecting with friends, sharing moments, and finding inspiration, when suddenly - bam! Your account gets hit with a ban. It feels like you've stepped on a social media landmine, doesn't it? How could this happen? More importantly, what can you do about it? 

Now, in the digital world we inhabit, Instagram bans aren't an anomaly. However, it doesn't have to be the end of the road for your beloved account. In fact, there are actionable steps you can take to prevent and combat the dreaded Instagram ban. Sound interesting? Well, stick with us, and we'll navigate this virtual terrain together. 

'The question, dear reader, isn't just about 'how we've ended up here?' The focus rather should be on 'how do we get out of here? and how do we prevent landing here again?'

Let's firstly acknowledge the different possible levels of Instagram bans: from 'Action Blocks,' restricting certain features, to the more serious 'Shadowban,' affecting your account visibility, and finally, the 'Permanent Ban,' wiping your account off the Instagram universe. Understanding these bans is the first significant step in our Instagram rescue operation. We're on a journey to protect our Instagram territory, and I assure you, navigating this tricky landscape is possible. Are you ready to begin?

Understanding Instagram's Banning Policies

Imagine this: your morning begins with a cup of coffee and your Instagram profile. Sounds familiar, right? But what happens when Instagram slaps your account with a ban? Suddenly, your relaxing routine takes a nosedive. To prepare for such an event (and hopefully avoid it entirely), it's crucial that we delve into Instagram's forbidden terrain - its banning policies. 

Instagram's Community Guidelines, the rulebook hovering over each of Instagram's one billion users, lay down the law for what is and isn't acceptable on the platform. They're our first stop on this journey. 

Did you know that sharing content that isn't yours, using Instagram for illegal purposes, and posting violent, nude, partially nude, discriminatory, or sexually suggestive photos or other content could not just get you a slap on the wrist, but a complete ban too? That's right; there's a large list of no-nos you must avoid to keep your Instagram account up and running. 

"We want to foster a positive, diverse community. We remove content that contains credible threats or hate speech, content that targets private individuals to degrade or shame them, personal information meant to blackmail or harass someone, and repeated unwanted messages." - Excerpt from Instagram's Community Guidelines.


However, taking note of these guidelines isn't simply about professional conduct. It's about playing your part in ensuring that the Instagram community continues to be a safe and engaging space for everyone, free from harassment and negativity. 

So, you might be asking yourself, are there any ‘grey areas’ that you need to be mindful of? The real question is, how can I use Instagram responsibly and authentically, without edging towards the danger zone? Let's dig a little deeper. 

Signs That Your Instagram Account Might Get Banned

It sounds almost like a horror tale for Instagram zealots - the moment when you are unable to log in, and the dreaded notice pops up stating your account has been banned. You're probably wondering, "How did this happen?" or "Are there any signs indicating the impending doom of an Instagram ban?" Indeed, there are. So, let's dive into these telltale signs and help you avoid the unfortunate fate of an unnecessarily banned Instagram account. 

Repeated Violation of Instagram’s Community Guidelines or Terms of Service 

If you're continually getting flagged for violating Instagram’s community guidelines or terms of service, this is a big red flag. These guidelines are not merely suggested behavior - they're the rules of the game. Regular violation of these rules may lead to Instagram taking action against your account. 

Posting Content That’s Not Yours 

Do you have the right to share every image or video you post? If not, this might get you into trouble. Instagram has strict copyright policies. Let's say you're regularly sharing content owned by other people without their permission. In that case, your account is at risk of being reported for copyright infringement, leading to possible penalties including an Instagram ban. 

Overusing Automation and Bots 

Perhaps you’re tempted to use bots for automatic liking, commenting, or following. After all, who wouldn't want a little express boost in their Instagram growth? However, frequent and aggressive activity that doesn't seem human could tip off Instagram to scrutinize your account more closely, potentially even resulting in a ban. 

Surges in Activity 

Imagine you're a gatekeeper, and suddenly, there's an onslaught of people rushing in all at once. You'd probably take measures to control the situation, right? Similarly, if Instagram detects sudden spikes in your account activities like following or unfollowing hundreds of accounts within a short period, it might see this as spam behavior. This can trigger Instagram's automated systems, putting you and your account at risk. 

Sending Duplicate Content 

Perhaps you've been flooding your followers' Direct Messages (DMs) with the same content over and over again? This type of activity can also raise red flags—if it's repetitive, it could be perceived as spam-like behavior leading to potential Instagram sanctions. 

After knowing these signs, the next logical question is - "What to do?" How do you avoid such behavior, operate within Instagram bounds and steer clear of any looming bans? It's in the next section that we'll break this down for you. Are you ready?

Avoiding Actions That Can Lead to an Instagram Ban

Some may say it's a thin line to walk, balancing between engaging on Instagram with gusto, and staying in the clear of its terms and policies. But acknowledging a few key steps may well preserve your account from the undesirable fate of an Instagram ban. Who among us wants to wake up one morning to find their well-tended IG account inaccessible, right? Exactly. 

Here are a few actionable steps you can take: 

Adhere to Instagram’s Policies 

First and foremost, none of us can skate around this one.  Learn Instagram's Community Guidelines and Terms of Service, and adhere to them. Not the most exciting read, perhaps? Sure. But it’s insurance for your Instagram account. Oblige to the limits set on the number of likes, comments, follow/unfollow actions you can carry out in a given time frame. Become familiar as well with those categories of content prohibited by Instagram. 

Post Authentic and Original Content 

Thinking of using someone else's picture as your own? Hitting that 'share' without crediting the original creator? Hold that thought. Instagram is quite serious about copyright infringement issues. Ensure you post content that is original, or if you do use someone else's content, be sure to secure their consent and give them credit.  Wouldn’t you prefer the same if the roles were reversed? 

Limit Automation and Bot Activity 

"If I use bots, I can multiply my engagement rate, right?" It’s an easy trap to fall into. Yet, Instagram's algorithm has gotten smarter at recognizing non-human activity. Hence, utilizing bots to gain followers or likes could land your account in hot water. So, it’s time to say a firm "no" to those spammy practices. 

Avoid Rapid Bursts of Activity 

Performing too many actions in a short period is a red flag for Instagram. Authentic human users are unlikely to like hundreds of photos or follow a mass of profiles in just a few minutes, wouldn't you agree? Pace your Instagram activity. Take breaks between actions. Show Instagram you're human, and you're here for the long haul. 

Think Unique When Sending Direct Messages 

Remember this, friends: sending identical messages to multiple people or accounts is a no-go on Instagram. Yes, it might save time, but it also raises alarm bells for potential spam activity. Keep your DMs unique to each recipient. Make that extra effort, show them you're not a bot, and keep your account secure. 

By following these steps, you're setting the stage for a healthy, uninterrupted Instagram experience. How fantastic would it be to never worry about banned accounts, right? Let's keep those Instagram accounts humming along happily, shall we?

Tips for Recovering a Banned Instagram Account

Feeling horrified by the dreaded 'Your account has been banned' message on Instagram? Here's the silver lining: it's not necessarily the end of the road for your digital journey. With the right approach, navigating the road to recovery can lead to an unexpected turn. Perhaps even a resurgence of your Instagram engagement! So, how can you recover a banned Instagram account? Let's dive in! 

Submit an Appeal to Instagram 

First things first—submit an appeal. You can do this directly via the app by following the instructions given after receiving the notification about your account's suspension. However, don't panic if the appeal tab doesn't show up. Instagram's desktop version might be your knight in shining armor. Head towards the 'Help center', click on 'Privacy and Safety center', and submit your appeal. 

Routinely Follow Up on Appeals 

Don't just let your appeal sink into the digital abyss. Prioritize following up on your appeals regularly. The whole process might be a test of patience, but don't let it discourage you. Be persistent, but remember to side step from turning into a brimming cup of frustration. Instagram is just like that meticulous teacher who appreciates a diligent student. Show patience, and your request could move from the 'pending' to the 'approved' section. 

Contact Instagram Help Center via Other Channels 

Has it been weeks since your appeal and you're still stuck with that haunting 'crew only' board? Time to change the methods. Use Facebook, which owns Instagram, to escalate your case. Tweeting can also do the trick. Publicly voicing your concern might be the stimulant needed for Instagram to promptly address your case. 

Establish Contact with Instagram via a Business Partner 

This might sound a bit fancy, but it's definitely viable. Instagram offers support for its business partners. If you can get in touch with any business partner, such as a verified service or an influencer with a heavyweight standing in the Instagram community,  they might help you get faster support. 

Remember, this might seem like a Herculean task, but it's all worth it at the end of the day. Your Instagram account is your digital self, and it deserves preservation. What do you think? Are you ready to take these steps towards reclaiming your Instagram account?

Building a Strong and Authentic Instagram Presence

Now that we've navigated through the murky waters of Instagram bans, it's time to focus on the proactive part: building a solid and genuine Instagram presence. Sounds exciting, doesn't it? Truth be told, it's not just about avoiding a ban; it's about creating a space that is authentically you and resonates with your audience. So, where do we start? 

A Picture Paints a Thousand Words 

Yes, we know it's a cliché, but in Instagram's world of visuals, it couldn't be more true. Your images should impeccably represent your brand or yourself. Think of your Instagram as a visual story, each post a new chapter that adds depth and color to your narrative. It's not just about pretty pictures; it's the message behind them that counts. Remember, you are unique, and so should be your content. Always aim for originality and authenticity. 

Quality Over Quantity 

Whether you're posting photos, videos, or writing captions, quality matters more than quantity. That's the beauty of Instagram; you don't need to post ten times a day to remain relevant! Regular posting is important, but high-quality content wins every time. So, take your time, create content that speaks to your brand or personality, and make every post worth the wait. 

Be Active and Engage with Your Audience 

This is where Instagram really comes alive. It's more than just a photo-sharing platform; it's a community. Pay attention to your followers, answer their comments, react to their posts, engage in discussions, and foster an environment where everyone feels heard and appreciated. Moreover, the more you interact authentically with others, the more visibility you gain, and eventually, your follower count increases. It's a win-win situation, isn't it? 

Clever Hashtag Use 

You've heard about them, you've seen them, and you've probably used them. Hashtags are a powerful tool on Instagram if used wisely. They can connect you with your target audience, boost your visibility, and even start trends. Be sure to use relevant hashtags for each post. And you know what? Don't be afraid to create your very own hashtag. It could be the next trending thing on Instagram! 

In the end, remember, your Instagram presence should be a reflection of who you are or what your brand represents. Authenticity shines through and resonates with people. Recreate your world in Instagram's universe, and don't let the fear of bans overshadow your creativity. Enjoy the journey!

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