The Telegram API Supports Developer in Creating Applications

14 October 2022
6 mins read
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Telegram API

The popularity of Telegram lies in encryption, signifying privacy and open API (Application Programming Interface). Recently, many people started to take advantage of Telegram API to design specific applications.

Fundamentally, an API contains a set of protocols that enable applications to interact with operating systems, external software components or microservices. In short, an API functions to deliver a response from a user to the system and send it back to the user.

Types of APIs in Telegram

Telegram has a lot of useful features that are easy to operate. Aside from its main function as an online messaging application, it also provides APIs. Usually, only developers who seek open API from well known platforms like Telegram.

Developers in any field can utilize API from Telegram to actualize their creation. In essence, Telegram has two types of APIs for developers. The first type is Bot API that lets you establish programs utilizing Telegram messages as interfaces.  

The second type includes TDLib (Telegram Database Library) and Telegram API. Basically, the TDLib is a special tool for third party developers to establish Telegram applications that are secure, build fast and rich of features.

While another API named after Telegram allows all developers to establish their own modified Telegram clients.  It is really useful for developers who want to launch Telegram applications on this platform.

How to Make an Application with Telegram API?

You can freely develop your own creation using the free API from Telegram. In case you find any difficulty, you may visit Telegram's official website for further guidelines. Building an application using this API requires several steps as follows. 

1. Obtain Your API ID

First, you have to obtain API ID and Hash from the official Telegram documentation site. Obtaining API ID will let you connect with Telegram API. To obtain API ID and Hash, you should login to Telegram and complete the form entitled "API Development Tools" along with application title and short name.

It is possible to use sample credentials that you can find in the testing source codes of Telegram. Everybody has their own way to obtain an API properly. But you must not violate Telegram's term of service when using this API. 

2. Utilize Telethon

To connect with the Telegram API, you can install Telethon. It means, you have to utilize Python 3 that can deal with all specific tasks for you. In this case, you have to know the types and functions of Python to use.

As a high level programming language, Python is very effective for developers in creating an application. Hence, developers certainly master the Type Language that describes constructors, functions and types.

3. Create A Client

Getting a client object is an essential step before you start communicating with the API of Telegram. Use your API hash and ID for creating your client, but don't forget to verify it using your phone number. Once you finish creating the client object, you can make a request toward this API.

To put it simply, the client object acts as another version of the Telegram application. Hence, the way you register a new client is similar to the way you log into a Telegram account on another device. Of course, this step is not that difficult to do.

4. Make A Request

Last step is to make any request in this API. The system also passes the response to the client object. Each developer might perform different requests depending on the application they want to build. As long as you know the flow of utilizing this API, everything will run smoothly.

Process of making an application through the Telegram API is not that hard, as long as you follow the guideline well. This is a good opportunity for developers to explore their ideas and bring out an excellent creation using this online message platform.

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