Why Your Business Needs a Social Media Strategy

21 October 2023
11 mins read
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Let's get straight to the point; why does your business need a social media strategy? Well, in this fast-paced, digital world where everyone and their dog has a social media account, venturing into the digital realm isn't just a nice-to-have, it's a business imperative! And here's why... 

"If your business is not on the internet, then your business will be out of business." - Bill Gates.

If Bill Gates says it, we really should sit up and pay attention. But let's break it down and dive into the nitty-gritty details of why a well-thought-out, robust social media strategy is as essential to your business as the air we breathe (well, maybe not that critical, but you get the point). 

  • Brand visibility: Imagine social media as a giant party, and your business is the new kid on the block. How will you introduce yourself? How will you make sure you're seen and remembered? That's precisely what a social media strategy will do for your brand.
  • Customer Engagement: Social media isn't just about broadcasting your products or services; it's a two-way street. A good social media strategy enables you to engage with your customers, answer their questions, and (here comes the fun part) build a fan base that loves your brand!
  • Competitive edge: In the wild jungle of the business world, a good social media strategy is your machete, cutting through the thick growth and propelling your business forward. Your competitors are already out there, are you?

Now that we've established 'why', let's move on to the 'how' of it all. Are you ready to roll up your sleeves and dive deep into the world of social media strategy?

What is a social media strategy?

Think of a social media strategy as a roadmap leading your business straight into the heartland of customer engagement. It's like packing a suitcase for a trip. You wouldn’t just throw in random clothing items, would you? No, you would have a plan in mind based on weather predictions and activity plans! You get my drift? 

Similarly, a social media strategy churns your ideas about social media goals, target audience, suitable platforms, and content generation into a fabulous smoothie. This social media concoction guides your efforts and benchmarks for success on social platforms. Sounds too technical? Hang in there, it's just like walking and chewing gum at the same time. Honestly, it's easier once you get started. 

Why Your Business Needs a Social Media Strategy?

Now that we've defined social media strategy, should we dive into why you need it? I can hear you asking, "Why can't I just wing it, like my karaoke nights?" Well, let me tell you, with a well-planned social media strategy, your business will be hitting the high notes almost instantly.  

First off, social media is where all the action is. Your audience, dear reader, is scrolling, posting, liking, and sharing. If you’re not there, you’re missing out on a golden opportunity to meet your potential customers where they hang out most. Keeping up with the Kardashians? Well, let's keep up with our customers. 

Plus, having a social media strategy helps you avoid random acts of posting. Posting just for the sake of posting is like sending out a message in a bottle – you don’t know when or if it will reach anyone at all. Strategizing your approach ensures you post the right content on the right platform at the right time, efficiently grabbing attention amidst the hustle-bustle of social media. 

"Okay, I get it," you say. "But can't I just hire a dashing social media intern and let them handle it?" Why yes, you could. But would they have a comprehensive understanding of your brand, goals, and target audience? That's like asking the bartender to choose your drink. They might whip up a fantastic cocktail but is it the cocktail you wanted? 

Therefore, there’s more to it than just “being present” on social media, you need to have a strategy, a purpose, and a plan. Just like your fitness or your grandma’s famous pie recipe, a secret ingredient is needed: consistency. A good social media strategy ensures that you're not just consistently present on social media, but you're consistently fabulous.  

In a Nutshell 

Social media strategy is like your bus driver ensuring you reach your desired destination—business growth. Whether it's Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or another platform, the bus may change but the driver (your strategy) remains the same. Let's not forget, standing in front of a crowd without a plan can be nerve-wracking. Be the smart cookie who plans a pitch-perfect performance on social media, won't you?

How can a social media strategy benefit my business?

Let's jump straight to it, shall we? Social media isn't just for sharing memes and stalking your high school crushes anymore. No, these platforms have matured into marketing goliaths. Still, some businesses hit the snooze button on this reality. So, why exactly does your business need a social media strategy, you ask? Allow me to explain. 

Bring On the Engagement 

Firstly, social media is the digital equivalent of a bustling town square. Picture it: People are interacting, sharing ideas, and sparking off each other's thoughts. So, your business needs to join the conversation and engage with potential customers. You might think, "Why can't I just post about my products and services?" The answer is simple: Engagement breeds trust and trust fosters business growth. 

A Cost-Effective Marketing Solution 

But wait, there's more! Social media is also a frugal friend. Compared to traditional marketing methods like print media or TV ads, social media is a cost-effective way to reach a mass audience. Don't get me wrong, we're not suggesting that a social media strategy starves you of your hard-earned cash. Quite the contrary, social media feeds your bottom line, without being a bottomless financial pit. 

Data, Data, Everywhere 

"In God, we trust; all others bring data." Whoever said that was a savvy businessperson. Social media provides an abundance of data about customer behaviors, trends, and preferences. Powerful stuff, isn't it? You can dissect and analyze this data, using it to inform your marketing strategy. No more wandering in the dark; instead, let data light the way! 

It's All About Perception 

Lastly, in the age of digital, having a strong online presence is a must. It strengthens your brand's reputation and enhances credibility. When was the last time you trusted a business without an online footprint? Exactly! Planning and implementing a strategic social media presence shows the world that you are current, reliable, and above all else, relevant. 

In essence, not having a social media strategy is a bit like trying to run a marathon without shoes - uncomfortable, ineffective, and potentially damaging. It's time to lace up and run towards social media success. So, are you ready to create your social media game plan?

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